angela buhr
Finally had a spare moment to look at Hannah's pictures again and I think I love them more than the first time I looked at them. You are such a talent Carol and YOU will be the one to take Maggie's pictures in a few years!!! :) What a fun and special day that was!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Will be ordering Hannah's pictures soon if we can ever narrow them down!!
Again....THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ashley Overturf(non-registered)
You did an AMAZING job with my daughter's one year photos. I am in love with all of them! Choosing which ones to get prints of is going to be tough!
Thank you again so much for everything!!
Thank you for doing such an amazing job with Adalynn. The Easter mini session was so much fun and thank you for capturing her 6 month photos. I think we had just as much fun as you!! Keep up the good work!
Ginny Pearson(non-registered)
You did an awesome job with Creighton's pictures.
Anna White(non-registered)
Very nice website, Carol. You have a fantastic eye for photography!
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